Riccardo wrote:

> it is nice to see how my messages are totally ignored... I hope this
> doesn't mean that everybody is clueless. I did further tests though.

All it means is that in the time between when you posted your first message
and now, no one who chanced to read the list had seen this problem before.
With the wide variety of platforms, it is not unusual for problems to show
up on only one platform.

> > error calculating SHA on '3c48692aceb44f85cf99c985154c15b79e6baef0'
> > got 3c48692aceb44f85cf99c985154c15b79e6baef0 instead of
> > 3232affa48628a26653b5aaa44541fd90d690603

> I tried to build and test 0.9.6i and even 0.9.5 and they both fail the
> same way (buit not using rpm, but make and make test). Another more
> experienced developer of MkLinux hints the test program is wrong, I
> prefer some help and hints on how to proceed to identify the soruce of
> the problem

I had a similar problem with MD4, MD5, RIPEMD and SHA on my system because
some of the OpenSSL source code assumes that certain platforms have certain
endian characteristics. In my case, the code tested the _i386 macro and
decided the platform must be little endian. As it happens, I have a
big-endian environment on an Intel box, so the assumption was grossly
incorrect. I inserted some #if...#endif macros to comment-out the
optimizations, and the problem was solved.

I presume that a PPC is a PowerPC, which is also a big-endian platform.
Take a close look at some of the #if macro tests in, for example,
crypto/sha/sha_locl.h. You could be hitting a similar problem.

We found the problem by one of our programmers having a brilliant insight,
but we were moments away from running parallel debugging sessions on a
working versus non-working platform to see where the math divered. Enjoy.

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