On Fri, 4 Mar 2005, Henderson, Thomas R wrote:

> Has anyone received sound legal advice about the rules for U.S. citizens
> for distributing openssl as part of a software bundle? Specifically,
> I'd like to make a LiveCD that includes openssl libraries. Will I run
> afoul of the U.S. export laws in doing so? Does it make any difference
> if the the openssl library is in the base Linux distribution already?

You probably want to look at the US regulations regarding the TSU
exemption (Technology and Software -- unrestricted)(section 740.13 of
the regulations). See the notification requirements at
and the regulations from December 9, 2004 linked on that site. Note
that the exemption for source code also applies to corresponding
object code. You will have to get your own legal advice if you have
questions not answered by the regulations.

P.S. That isn't a typo; it really is "Nofify".
Doug Kaufman
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