On Mon, Feb 21, 2005, Prashant Kumar wrote:

> Thank you all for your response. I tried including the
> the "--static" flag while compiling as well as
> directly calling the function ENGINE_load_ubsec. All
> these methods end up calling ubsec_init which inturn
> call "DSO_load" (and thus dlopen).
> I am trying to use the engine implementation for
> VXWORKS which does not have dlopen (or dynamic loading
> capability).
> I was thinking of modifying the "ubsec_init" and
> "ubsec_finish" to statically link to the ubsec
> functions instead of using dlopen and so on. Is that
> the only option I have or is there any other option ?.

You could write a DSO_METHOD which binds to static functions and returns
appropriate function pointers. Looks like you can then set DEF_DSO_METHOD
to have it picked up automatically.

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