Thank you all for your response. I tried including the
the "--static" flag while compiling as well as
directly calling the function ENGINE_load_ubsec. All
these methods end up calling ubsec_init which inturn
call "DSO_load" (and thus dlopen).

I am trying to use the engine implementation for
VXWORKS which does not have dlopen (or dynamic loading

I was thinking of modifying the "ubsec_init" and
"ubsec_finish" to statically link to the ubsec
functions instead of using dlopen and so on. Is that
the only option I have or is there any other option ?.

Thank you so much for your help.


--- Ioannis Liverezas

> Yes it is possible to do it. You have to add the
> --static flag in the makefile
> of the root dir of the openssl release that you are
> compiling. This flag must
> be added both to CFLAGS for compiling and LDFLAGS
> for linking. For further
> use, if you continue integration eg. with openssh,
> you will also need
> ldconfig, libld and libnss in the system that will
> run the openssl that you
> have built.
> Then you 'll have to strip the final executable, to
> reduce its size.
> good luck!

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