Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Nov 10 23:38, Martin Koeppe wrote:
>> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Douglas E. Engert wrote:
>>> Martin Koeppe wrote:
>>>> Hi openssh developers,

> This is all the same problem Cygwin's port to OpenSSH has. However, on
> Interix/SUA the user can store the password in the registry using the
> `regpwd' tool. I have no idea how the password is stored and how to
> access it from privileged Interix processes, though. Isn't there some
> documentation? Or is the password only accessible by daemons created by
> Microsoft's developers? Maybe you should try asking this on the MS
> newsgroup dedicated to SUA:
> microsoft.public.servicesforunix.general

Keep in mind that there may not be any passwords to store. Only
delegated credentials when the user uses a smart card...

> Corinna


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