Thanks Rob, Mauro and Zack,

>> My problem is that as soon as the vpn is connected, my IP changes, and I
>> lose the ssh connection (because this vpn client disallows "local LAN
>> access"). I cannot change the vpn client setting.
>> Is there a way to let the ssh connection survive the vpn connection?

> Create a virtual machine, and install the vpn client on the VM.

It is probably the best solution but the screen update and mouse movement
through the VM then through the remote desktop was slow and erratic. I'll
try again - since it's only the performance issue...


Currently I just keep one always-open connection using a serial null modem
connection to the linux station. I do use screen, but some of my color and
keyboard setup is broken inside screen sessions, rendering the session
less useful for code editing. But yes, screen might allow me to script
automatic reconnection.

> removing the zone alarm firewall underneath the hood

It's an interesting idea but I couldn't find those files in my hard disk.
The vpn client was specifically recompiled by the remote site admin and
I'm not sure if circumventing the prohibition will work. If you have a
pointer to more information, I'll go after them.

For this and that, I'd wish there were a solution from the ssh side. I
don't mind writing some codes. But since one end of the IP layer is being
dropped upon the vpn connection, I guess it's not an easy task to keep the

Thanks anyway.

Ben Kim