On 17/10/2008, Sudarshan Soma wrote:
> Thanks all for your valuable inputs.
> My telnet server application has its own way of handling
> authentication, commands supported,..
> Hence i cant easily move to ssh. I know i can use SSH to use my own
> authentication using PAM, but the other things such as commands
> supported are all not easily done just by moving to ssh server.
> Based on my requirements , i think tunelling(either stunnel or ssh
> tuneling) is the best option to go with, if not please suggest any
> other way you could think of?


If your requirement is to give users a restricted shell, then perhaps
you could consider ditching telnet, and using ssh and rssh? rssh
describes itself as a "restricted shell for scp/sftp" but is not
limited to those commands and can be configured to allow various
commands to be run. Just a thought; feel free to ignore.