I have a strange problem, where ssh _sometimes_ hangs when executing a
command on a remote machine. I have a shell script, which deletes some
files on remote machines. The executed command is something like:

ssh host "rm /path/to/file /dev/null 1>/dev/null"

Normally this work just fine and returns immediately. But about 5-10% of
the calls hang and never return - so my script hangs too, waiting for
ssh to terminate :-(
I'm using "OpenSSH_2.9p2" and the server I'm conneting to runs
"OpenSSH_3.9p1". Unfortunately it's not possible to update those
I discovered the problem disappears when using SSH version 1. Using the
following command I was able to delete thousands of files without any

ssh -1 host "rm /path/to/file /dev/null 1>/dev/null"

Any ideas what could cause this problem are greatly appreciated!

Christian Koch