In addition, there's an error in canohost.c/getremotehostname(), that
the fix for 1179 introduced (to wit, the variable ntop is uninitialized
at the point of call to check_ip_options). I've got to run off to a
meeting, but I'll try to post a patch later today.

From: Scott Neugroschl
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 12:34 PM
Subject: IP options

I'm seeing something similar to bug 1179
(, even with the
reordered IP options check.

For some reason, getsockopt is returning an IP options of length 2,
value 00 00.

Would Mark Weindling's original patch
( break anything if
I incorporated it?

Platform: HP NonStop S7000 series (G-series RVU).


Scott Neugroschl

XYPRO Technologies

805-583-2874 x121

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