Just as an FYI. HPN-SSH 13v5 is now available for OpenSSH 5.1. There are
two minor changes in functionality. First, the progress meter will no
longer spit out an extra line with the peak throughput. Instead the peak
throughput will be displayed as the last update in the meter itself.
Second, I've increased the number of outstanding requests in sftp to
256. This will give users 8MB of outstanding data. I also made some
changes that allowed me to clean up some of the code by reducing arg
passing. 13v6 is on the horizon with improved threading for aes-ctr and
more code cleanup.

I've done a bit of testing but, as always, the more people that poke at
the code the better it will be. If you have the time and inclination to
try the patch out and give me your comments I'll welcome them gladly.



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