i'm getting the following error in syslog:

Jul 24 11:40:22 possible-rogue-laptop sshd[19041]: Accepted publickey for dewey
from port 40876 ssh2
Jul 24 11:40:22 possible-rogue-laptop sshd[19044]: (pam_unix) session opened for
user dewey by (uid=0)
Jul 24 11:40:22 possible-rogue-laptop sshd[19044]: dispatch_protocol_error: type
5 seq 5

this happens on different target hosts running freebsd/openbsd/linux and
differing openssh versions; the sequence number is dynamic, but the type is not.

ssh key-based logins from openssh client via ssh-agent works fine. the problem
is only evident when attempting the same from paramiko (python ssh client).

while the problem may be with how i'm controlling the python client, i don't
know where to look or what to try because i haven't yet found what
"dispatch_protocol_error: type 5" means.

can someone shed some light on this?