On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, Markus WŁnsch wrote:

> Hello all
> Im using sftp 1:4.7p1-8ubuntu1.2
> in a batchjob
> Ive noticed that sftp needs a long time for sending a filelist.
> The timespan increases exponential if many files are on the
> remoteserver.
> for example "ls -la *.txt" needs 10 seconds for 2000 files
> but needs 50 seconds for 4000 files.
> For 150.000 Files i have to wait 15 minutes for example
> but the Conecction is very fast. I think the sftp-server needs this
> time to
> build the list.

I should also mention that there is a workaround: using "ls -1f" will
avoid the rountrip per filename.

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