>>>Please bear in mind that in the world of cryptography, the difference
>>>between proper error messages and information disclosure
>>>vulnerabilities is narrow, or only a nuance.

>>IMHO, you have it backwards. It is the improper error messages that
>>can pose a security risk. If my OpenSSH program is either
>>misconfigured or malfunctiong, and it may be exposing my systems to
>>something nefarious, then how am I to efficiently debug it

>That's why it fails at that point.

It meaning OpenSSH? So what do you mean by its failing? Because it
doesn't let me debug efficiently, it fails to be a "nice" program?
But that doesn't make sense given your later argument that suggests
it shouldn't be a "nice" program because in this case,"nice" programs
expose security risks. Unless, of course, you think the failure is
OK, that the failure trumps the security risk you claim. Or you mean
something else and I'm not getting it?

(I hope this response adds more to the discussion. :-))

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