I have a problem with an embedded system which is acting as a SFTP client.* I get different repsonses from the SFTP server depending on if it is OpenSSH version 5.0 or versions 4.x.* The SFTP client speaks SFTP protocol version 3.

With OpenSSH version 5.0, the embedded SFTP client panics because it receives something it thinks it shouldn't get at the start of a data transfer from the server.* I have traced it to a section of code where it is processing incoming packets and it doesn't know what to do with what it has received.* The code comment at this section is "Message an sftp client should never receive".* I haven't been able to do a data dump at this point, yet, to find out exactly what it is receiving.

I do not have a problem if I use OpenSSH 4.9 or earlier.* Can anyone tellme what might have changed in the SFTP protocol section from v4.9 to v5.0?

I have tested with the following SFTP servers:

COPSSH (Windows, Cygwin, OpenSSH)
* OpenSSH 5.0p1-1* (doesn't work)
* OpenSSH 4.7p1
* OpenSSH 4.5p1
Fedora 7
* OpenSSH 4.5p1-6
I have searched the archives and Bugzilla but don't find any reports similar to my problem.* If this has been reported, can anyone can point me to the post or Bugzilla entry?* If anyone has information or ideas I'd appreciate those, too.* Thanks.

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