I am currently implementing SSH ver1 client for my school work and testing
it with OpenSSH servers. Unfortunately I cannot execute commands after
succesful login without allocate pty. My client send SSH_CMSG_EXEC_SHELL
packet on server, but dont receive any answer. According RFC defined SSH1,
server should send SSH_SMSG_SUCCESS or SSH_SMSG_FAILURE message. So I
tried send SSH_CMSG_EXEC_CMD with command, but after executing command
server send EXIT_STATUS message. I dont understand why, because RFC
document define EXEC_CMD message this way: "Starts executing the given
command, and enters interactive session mode." Would you please explain me
why OpenSSH server doesnt response to SSH_CMSG_EXEC_SHELL message or
closing connection after EXEC_CMD message? Thank you.

S.Svec (CZ)
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