thank you for your suggestion John but I tried and the problem is only
with openssh: with telnet after I change my expired password (passwd
-f LOGIN from root before log out and log in again), solaris 9 log me

2008/4/25 John Bailey :
> Paolo Ranzanici wrote:
> > Me and my colleagues manage near 250 solaris 8&9 servers with openSSH
> > (different versions) and we would like that after we (and our users)
> > are forced to change password (due to normal expiration) we would not
> > be logged out but session remains up and logged in (in some of our
> > systems this happens).
> >
> > which is the parameter to set and in which file?
> >
> > thank you

> I believe this is actually a PAM setting, not something configured specifically
> in the sshd or ssh client. You would likely see the same issue logging in via
> telnet or rsh when the password expires.
> John