> As far as I can judge, according to the strace output you sent and information
> you granted, the crash occurs in the privsep monitor process somewhere in the
> key exchange code. May be somebody else in the list could either correct me or
> point more exact location of the crash.
> BTW, if you created the
> /var/empty/etc/localtime file populated with the content of /etc/localtime and
> configured your syslogd to use /var/empty/dev/log socket in addition to the
> standard /dev/log, you could get some output from the privsep child in one of
> your log files. That could give us some additional clue on what is going on.

mmmh..... That my be a alternative. But how to open the syslog in SSHD?
I tried to add the line "syslog(LOG_INFO,"%s: here",__func__)" to get debug
information, however nothing output in /var/log/messages.

Anything I miss?

Thanks again,

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