Hayder Mouhammed wrote:
> I appreciate your speedy response and your suggestions. The netstat
> showing all the information was very helpful.

Does this imply that you have solved your problem? It is always nice
to know when things come to conclusion.

> I noticed something and I'm just curious if you have any
> information. Machine C is running OpenSSH v3.7 and A & B are running
> v4.7. If I switch the scenario and use A as the destination, I have
> to use a -P instead of -p. However with the first method, using v4.7
> as starting point, I have to use a -p instead of -P. Was their a
> change in case between the versions?? Many thanks once again.

As far as I know it has always been a lower case -p option. I am
currently using v4.3 from Debian's Stable release.

You can also avoid the short option and spell out the long option.
When in doubt I would use the long option.

ssh -oPort=10000

I tend to prefer the long options when used in scripts because they
are more self-documenting. Also it shouldn't be possible to confuse
it with other options.

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