Bob Proulx wrote:

> I am not aware of any problem with using DSA. It is just that RSA is
> the more preferred solution by many.
> The purpose of DSA was to avoid the RSA patent. Since the RSA patent
> is now long expired there is no longer any reason to avoid using RSA.
> +1 on using by default, or other more generic solution.


> > I just thought that having the default being the case that nobody
> > uses (perhaps I should say, that nobody should use) any more is a
> > little strange.

> I am not quite understanding what you are saying here. Are you saying
> that people should not use DSA? This is not the case. DSA is
> perfectly fine to use. It is just not as efficient as using RSA.
> That is what makes use of RSA the preferred choice by many.

ssh-copy-id is using the RSA1 by default. My point was that
nobody should use RSA1, so this should be changed: I went for
but so far at least, the vote (by a margin of 2 to 1!-) seems to be
going for (or a more inclusive solution).

What do you think about the proposals to eliminate duplicate keys from


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