On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 08:45:30PM -0500, Andrew Smith wrote:
> For port forwarding and tunneling there are no such helpers. I
> spent the saturday at an install fest where a 15-year (seriously)
> linux veteran was struggling to remember/find the ssh syntax for
> making a tunnel for more than 2 hours, giving up eventually.
> It should be very easy (perhaps trivial) to make a script that
> makes this ordeal unnecessary. Pardon my ignorance, but something
> like:
> `sshforward 10000:20000`.
> Do the OpenSSH developers have any interest in this?

I doubt it. Veterans will already have their own scripts and
configurations set up. This can be done partly in .ssh/ssh_config
using something like this:

Host mytunnel
HostName remote.host.com
LocalForward 2525

...and then:

$ ssh -NT mytunnel

to start it up.

I would like being able to set -N and -T from ssh_config though.

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