This is an idea someone had that I thought of implementing, but I don't
know whether I have the time. Regardless, I would only do it if you
would include it with the OpenSSH distribution, so I would need to know
your opinion.

OpenSSH is a very useful an very versatile tool. Not only a remote
terminal - but also an FTP-like client/server, an app for copying files,
an aid for port forwarding and tunneling.

For two of those features there are helper applications, little if
anything more than wrappers: sftp and scp; that hide the complexity of
the respective ssh commands. They achieve this by limiting the range of
stuff that can be done (e.g. can't do much more than copy files with scp).

For port forwarding and tunneling there are no such helpers. I spent the
saturday at an install fest where a 15-year (seriously) linux veteran
was struggling to remember/find the ssh syntax for making a tunnel for
more than 2 hours, giving up eventually.

It should be very easy (perhaps trivial) to make a script that makes
this ordeal unnecessary. Pardon my ignorance, but something like:
`sshforward 10000:20000`.

Do the OpenSSH developers have any interest in this?



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