> On Tue, Jan 29, 2008, Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET wrote about "Re: [openssh] Re: Frequent "Connection reset by peer"":
> > I ran what you said, and the first one ran for about
> > 2 minutes and then :
> >
> > Connection to closed by remote host.
> > Connection to closed.
> >
> > And the 2nd time about 20 seconds before the same.

> If I understood correctly, what you ran just opened a connection, but passed
> no data for two minutes. Is it possible that your router simply disconnects
> inactive TCP connections after two minutes, in the pretext of saving memory,
> guard against DOS attacks, or who knows what?
> You can try setting ServerAliveInterval in your client to something less than
> two minutes, and see if it helps. E.g., in your ~/.ssh/config put
> ServerAliveInterval 60


I'm sorry if somehow you took away that I didn't do anything for
the 2 minutes. Every time I'm testing I am either scurring to get something
typed in before it disconnects, or I am running "ls" over and over and having
it quit mid my typing or mid the response.

Absolutely not a timeout issue. When I was asked to do the last
test, it took me 7 logins just to get screen running, start tcpdump
writing to a file listening on 2022, and in another window start ssh on
2022. So there was never a second I wasn't typing or there wasn't screen
interaction, and it still dumped me 6 times.

The only reason I was able to get that long seemed to be using
the ProxyCommand. Without it, normal sessions lasted anywhere from 0
(Yes, it would disconnect before I could type the 8 character password
I've been using for 29 year and could type in my sleep) to 15 or 20

I also get knocked off of SSH from the ROUTER ITSELF.

So this can't be it.

I set up where past the "router" and laptop, I wireless connected
to a home router, and then out to the net. With this, if I ssh to a
machine outside the site, I can stay connected for DAYS.

.....................SSH PROBLEMS HERE.SSH PROBLEMS H...............................

I'm guessing if RSTs are generated, they aren't able to get to/past
the cable modem.

Thanks, Tuc
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