Tuc at T-B-O-H wrote:
> Is there a way to tell why I'm getting frequent
> "Connection reset by peer" all of a sudden?
> I'm using a FreeBSD machine, plugged via eithernet to a Linksys
> router running DD-WRT, to another Linksys 50 feet away running DD-WRT,
> both of them WDS'd together, plugged via ethernet to another FreeBSD machine.
> With debug cranked, I see :

1) check the SSH server's logs to see if there's any logged message
corresponding to the disconnects. If the problem is easy to reproduce,
you could run sshd in debug mode in the foreground (eg "/path/to/sshd
-ddde -p 2022" then connect to port 22).

2) if that doesn't have anything, or has the same "connection reset by
peer message" then you probably will need to run tcpdump or similar to
see which end is generating the TCP RST (in theory it should be only
generated by one of the TCP endpoints but it could also be generated by,
eg an intermediate NAT box).

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