On Sun, 27 Jan 2008 22:13:16 +1100 Darren Tucker wrote:> I vaguely recall s=
omeone posting about that quite some time back, I would> check the list arc=
hive... ah, here we are:> http://marc.info/?l=3Dopenssh-unix-dev&m=3D106561=

Thanks!! Actually this should be very helpful, indeed.
>> It appears that some of the debugging messages are coming from the>> par=

ent thread and some from the child thread. All I can add is that the>> buff=
er "m" in mm_getpwnamallow() has alloc=3D32768, offset=3D52, end=3D10055 an=
d>> also that buffer_get_string() returns len=3D7, which is rather differen=
t>> from sizeof(*newopts)=3D9988, indeed. I am really lost here and cannot>=
> figure out what is wrong.> > That looks pretty wrong but I can't think of=

any reason it would happen.> Does this patch make any difference, what is =
the output of the XXX lines?

I believe that I have figured it out. The root of the problem is that passw=
d structure on z/OS and OS/390 is rather different from that on Unix becaus=
e there is no /etc/passwd on the mainframe. (The errors were caused by my s=
omewhat naive patch was not consistent.) Perhaps to do a proper password au=
thentication one has to integrate OpenSSH with RACF. However, the thread to=
which you have referred me seems to address this issue, too.

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