Adam C=E9cile (Le_Vert) wrote:
> I just set up Debian Lenny on a PCEngines ALIX. This board have a =

> GeodeLX processor with hardware crypto accelerator, so I patched my =

> kernel to get cryptodev support.
> Everything is fine when playin with openssl, but openssh just crash when =

> a large amount of data is transfered.
> =

> A small example:
> alix:~# scp 100meg.test localhost:/dev/null
> root@localhost's password:
> 100meg.test =


> 0% 0 0.0KB/s --:-- ETAReceived disconnect from 2: =

> Corrupted MAC on input.
> lost connection
> alix:~#
> =

> If I unload cryptodev kernel modules, averything works fine again.

Given that it works without the hardware driver, it sounds like some =

kind of problem with the crypto engine or the interface to it. Can you =

run OpenSSL's self-test "make tests" and if so do they pass?

-- =

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