If you want any of your patches to be integrated, you should probably
start by (1) file Bugzilla reports for each of them at
https://bugzilla.mindrot.org/ , and (2) consider updating the patches
for the most current release of OpenSSH (which is 4.7p1 as of this

Circa 2007-12-13 17:04 dixit Disco Vince Giffin:

: OpenSSH Unix Dev,
: Mac OS X 10.5 recently shipped with OpenSSH 4.5p1. This build
: includes a number of patches, some general bug fixes and some platform-
: specific fixes and enhancements. These patches are available from our
: open source site (http://www.opensource.apple.com/darw....5/OpenSSH-87/
: ).
: Following is a brief description of each patch. We'd be more than
: happy to see any of these patches integrated into the official
: portable OpenSSH distribution.


: - Disco Vince Giffin
: OS Security Engineer
: Apple Inc.

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