Rick Jones wrote:
> Darren Tucker wrote:

>> Can anyone think of a good reason not to enable it if the compiler
>> supports it? A quick test here shows minimal difference in runtime over
>> a full regress pass (~10sec over 8.5 minutes, and since the machine is
>> not entirely idle that could be experimental error).

> Is this stack protection architecture neutral?

I'm not sure but I suspect that it is given that HPPA was (last time I
looked) one of the main development platforms for gcc and that the
documentation doesn't say anything about it being platforms specific.
That said I haven't actually tried it on a stack-grows-up architecture
like HPPA (and can't at the moment).

WRT to the cookie entropy source, it uses a /dev/urandom if you have it,
but failing that it will fall back to a static cookie, so it's weaker
but not quite worthless if you don't have kernel random support.

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