Hi Robert,

Try using something like WinSCP (http://winscp.net/eng/index.php) and be sure to specify port 2201.

George Iosif

>>> r_ssh 11/13/07 9:50 PM >>>

Our system admin has moved on to bigger and better things. I am watching over
the system until his position is filled. For now I need to upload/download
some files. I hope someone can give me some guidance. I have no manual are
notes from our old admin to help with this issue.

Layout: Main internet line comes into machine (1) then load balances to
machine (2) & (3). Those two machines then feed back to a cluster of more
servers. These are all linux boxes but using different versions of linux.
The first is using gentoo with PAM.

Problem: I can ssh into machine (1) upload/download files no problem, I can
ssh into machine (2) & (3) using the command “ssh anything.privateurl.com -p
2201” no problem. But when I try to upload/download files using plugins with
mindterm it only shows the files on machine (1) regardless of which machine
I have ssh over to.

So I can surf, execute commands in all the other machines, I just cannot
seem to download/upload anything past machine (1).

I have tried mindterm, putty, ws_ftp, and cannot seem to upload/download
files on these backend servers. Machine (1) has the assigned ip address,
rest have submask like, 192168.1.2, etc. So the only remote
access is by going thru machine (1).

Any suggestions how I can uoload/download files on those backend servers?
I'm thinking SSH tunnels could be the answer, but have never done a tunnel
before. And I'm no system admin...

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