To my knowledge, the HPN-SSH patches have not yet been rolled into the
OpenSSH tree.

For a local LAN, the "-o NoneSwitch=yes" option to turn off encryption
will improve network performance by reducing CPU load, but you could
also use the "-c none" option in standard OpenSSH.

Note - The standard "-c none" option is NOT the same has HPN-SSH's
NoneSwitch option. Only consider "-c none" on a "safe" network. I am
not sure if the "none" cipher is even available in some Linux

However, for high-speed, high-latency connection, HPN-SSH rocks. With
the proper tuning of TCP options, our cross-continent gigabit
connection runs at 15MByte/s, as compared to ~700kByte/s before

On Nov 13, 2007 12:37 PM, Mathew Brown wrote:
> Hi,
> I just came across the High Performance SSH/SCP - (HPN-SSH) -
> - and was wondering if
> the HPN patches had been ported to mailine OpenSSH. If not, what
> suggestions are available for improving the speed of SFTP in local LAN
> environments? Thanks for your help.
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> Mathew Brown
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