I'm trying to collect some additional user information from the server
using the 'logit' function. For example, I'm trying to get the cipher,
mac, and compression status from kex.c in kex_chose_conf() with
logit("SSH: %s;Ltype: Kex;Enc: %s;MAC: %s:Comp: %s",
ctos ? "Server" : "Client",

right after the similar debug statement. When I'm running the server in
debug mode this line works fine. However, when I use it in normal mode
this information doesn't print out at all. I'm assuming this has
something to do with privilege separation as it works when its disabled.

Is there, or can anyone think of, a way around this?

As to why we are doing this: we need to get a handle on how people are
using SSH. We're trying to get the version information, the ciphers
used, and the bytes transferred. All of which are functioning just not
in a useful way

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