What is happening is, when I fork off sftp, it captures my terminals
stdio, so I don't see any output in the main program. The only thing
I see is the password request, which I provide and then it doesn't
get anymore output from sftp. Sftp runs just fine but not using the
pseudo terminal.
I think I need some kind of ioctl call to stop sftp from grabing
the terminal stdio?

William Estrada ( )
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> I think I understand what you are saying. I ran into a similar problem trying to run xterm without tying up bash. Look up using the subsystem keyword in the sshd config. Subsystem will allow sshd to directly spawn a process and maintain control over it.
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> From: william estrada
> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 14:36:38
> Subject: SSH and pyseudo tty
> Hi group,
> Hope this one does not get bounced.
> I have written a C program that calls sftp as a child using pseudo tty master
> and slave. I can get logged into the ssh server but control of the parent
> program looses control of the terminal. I know that it is ssh that is doing
> the tty chances and I also know that it will work with expect. I prefer not
> use expect.
> Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this problem? I have searched the
> web but haven't found anything.
> Hope I am making sense?
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> William Estrada
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