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On Thu 2007-10-11 11:00:41 -0400, Larry Becke wrote:

> I want to add a simple parameter parse that errors out if "../" is
> in the remote path, and adds "./" between the host segment and path
> segment of the remote path.

> It's a very subtle change, one that won't impact anyone who uses scp
> in it's default manner

Could there be higher-level apps using scp as a transport layer which
generate paths that include '../' in them that don't actually navigate
outside of the top level? Something like:

scp fubar:./data/src/foo/foo-1.3/subsystem/../main.c ./

I can imagine some makefile structures generating paths like that, for
example. Would your patched scp reject such (valid) requests?

What if i have a directory named "stuff..." ? (we've all seen users
with weirder file names, yes?) Would you reject (valid) transfers
referring to that directory?

scp fubar:.data/stuff.../myfile.txt ./

These are rhetorical questions; their point is that path
canonicalization/verification is not necessarily as easy as you're
suggesting it is.

Other people on this list have offered you well-tested, functional
techniques you can use now to acheive the goal you've stated. These
alternate approaches don't modify the functionality of a tool whose
interface is currently stable.

If your goal is effectively jailed scp access, why not try one of
these other techniques? You can always report back if it causes
problems for some reason.

The openssh developers have already stated their reluctance to modify
the behavior of /usr/bin/scp, and there are other (quite good) options



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