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security method, that's been clearly> > stated time and again.> > oh boy. i=
t's statement like these that i've spent half this past week> rebutting peo=
ple on LWN and LKML.> =

I'll stand by my comment as I intended it. chroot - by and of itself is not=
security function.

To blindly, and off the cuff, throw "if you want it secure, chroot it" stat=
ements out there leads to more problems than it solves.

staticly linking (and all the issues caused when library mis-match problems=
that can arise) vs dynamically linking and having to replicate the librari=
es for the chroot'd environment, and everything else that's involved with g=
etting a process/application properly and securely chroot'd is not for the =

For an application to be properly chroot'd it either needs to be designed w=
ith chroot in mind by more experienced developers, or needs to be clearly a=
nd effectively documented so that the not so experienced can do it.

The change that I am suggesting bypasses the inherit issues with chroot thr=
ough simple means.
The fact that scp is designed to just *copy* files either direction is itse=
lf a blessing.
Simple file and directory management that anyone can do can make the remote=
directories secure by not using sym-links, mount point boundaries, etc...


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