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hi, the corner case of '-HF' hashes the whole hostline and not just
the host xor IP address which means that usually it will hash "HOST,IP".
This will never be matched if manually included into the known_host file.
Patch against 4.7p1 attached.


Jan Pechanec

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--- openssh-4.7p1/ssh-keygen.c Mon Feb 19 12:10:25 2007
+++ openssh-4.7p1-patched/ssh-keygen.c Wed Oct 10 17:38:05 2007
@@ -598,7 +598,7 @@

static void
-print_host(FILE *f, char *name, Key *public, int hash)
+print_host(FILE *f, const char *name, Key *public, int hash)
if (hash && (name = host_hash(name, NULL, 0)) == NULL)
fatal("hash_host failed");
@@ -726,7 +726,7 @@
printf("# Host %s found: "
"line %d type %s\n", name,
num, key_type(public));
- print_host(out, cp, public, hash_hosts);
+ print_host(out, name, public, hash_hosts);
if (delete_host && !c)
print_host(out, cp, public, 0);

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