Just Curious.=A0 Were you able to authenticate ?=A0 I recently found a =
problem with putty keys.=A0=20
Putty generated four lines of keys and they were separated by newline =
Also the starting of the key describing the key type was different from =
the ones normally used.=A0=20
I manually corrected these on the server and then it worked.=A0 I don't =
remember what error message I got though,=20
mostly not the one you are getting.

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Yes, I generated my own key. I figured that I'd need to enter my
passphrase the first time to authenticate it but I've not gotten past
that point.=20

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On Thu, 05 Jul 2007, Kelly Thomas wrote:

> No, they gave me an account ID to use but there was supposed to be no
> passwords exchanged -- we were just using the keys to authenticate.=20

You generated your own key, right?

If you put a passphrase on it, you'll need to enter that passphrase to=20