--- Nathalie Vaiser wrote:

> Hi Hari,
> In Putty you can set a keep-alive setting (under
> Connection in the
> settings), I set mine to 60 seconds and this
> prevents most dropped
> connections.

> Hari Sekhon wrote:
> > Hi,
> >

> He has been reporting
> that it is extremely
> > unstable and that the connection drops.
> >
> > Is there anything I can do to make the connection

> more tolerant and
> > not drop?

I've seen this sort of issue when the terminal through
with the connection was made is left idle. A solution
is to create a type of 'loop' script, which the person
would run upon building the tunnel on sshd server.

while true; do
echo Hello World
sleep 10

Then when finished working, ctrl-c to abort out, and
log off.

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