--- Johannes Graumann

> I'm in a firewalled LAN which provides a ssh-proxy
> to access outside machines
> which I have to use like so:
> 1) build tunnel
> ssh ProxyUser@SSHPROXY -L 2022:OUTSIDEBOX:22
> 2) make connection
> ssh -X OutsideboxUser@localhost -p 2022
> What I now wish to do is to access an outside
> mailserver (especially port 993)
> through this proxy.

Assuming OUTSIDEBOX can connect to your
OUTSIDEMAILSERVER, you should be able to connect using
the tunnel in #1, then another tunnel:

2a) ssh OutsideboxUser@localhost -L
9993:OUTSIDEMAILSERVER:993 -p 2022

Then point your email client at localhost:9993

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