--- Stephane Mikaty wrote:
> When I try to perform an scp operation, I sometimes
> get the following
> output, a series of equal (=) signs, and the command
> returns, without
> any error message. The file is not copied. I don't
> get the problem on
> every host in my system, nor do I get it in both
> directions. Performing
> the scp operation from the target host usually fixes
> the problem.
> gnome@build:~/trans$ scp wreck.txt
> localhost:./test.txt
> =====================
> gnome@build:~/trans$
> Can anyone shed on what's happening, and How I can
> fix it?

I've seen scp break when the target system is echoing
something back upon connection-- perhaps a message in
the .login or .profile that was added.
Anything like that present?

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