If you just want an authenticated user (via ssh or
otherwise) to be able to use certain sudo command(s),
can't you just use the nopassword sudo option?

> there is a number of ways I could be missing
> something obvious so I apologize in
> advance.
> My idea is should be possible to grant sudo access
> with your ssh credentials.
> the logic is that once the server has granted access
> to a client based on its
> ssh keys, it should be possible to use the same
> authentication to grant sudo
> privileges. After all, if a key pair is good enough
> to get you into one
> machine, why isn't it good enough to grant you the
> full Monty?
> Assuming that it is, how could a local program
> determine that the process it is
> running in has done so via ssh key authentication.
> Would it query the agent
> directly? Would it be able to use agent
> forwarding? Or is this a really bad
> idea that I should just give up on?
> ---eric

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