At 12:15p -0400 on 17 May 2007: Mike Witkowski wrote:
> Kevin Hunter wrote:
>> ---------------------------Client
>> computer----------------------------
>> | |
>> | |
>> | |
>> | |
>> Server 1 Server 2 Server 3
>> Server 4
>> ^-------------------^---------------------^--------------------^
>> No communication among the servers
>> Short of using alias, is there a way to have multiple keys play nice
>> with each other and me at the same time? I'm looking for my users
>> to be
>> able to straight 'ssh server' from any shell window they've opened in
>> their window manager.

> When I have done this before, I have made a key pair for each client.
> Each client keeps its private key private. It then sprinkles the
> public
> key about to any server it wishes to go to. One copy of one private
> key, many copies of public keys in the authorized keys files on the
> servers.

Hmm. That would work for multiple clients, and is indeed what I do
when in that scenario. However the issue is that I have a *single*
client and *multiple* servers. In this particular case, I have
multiple private ssh keys on a single client.