I am working with a client - Fortune 500 -
whose server is supposedly an ssh/sftp=20
server. The client's representative=20
is non technical, and will not refer me to their technical support.

I am given a userid , password,
a hostname which is a web server,=20
a port # - 60022 -
and and address of the form

When I connect using lfpt https I
get the message :

viper:/usr/local/bin] # /usr/local/bin/lftp -f
---- Connecting to www.ec.fedex.com ( port 60022
<--- SSH-2.0-SftpSSHD_1.2.3_Comments

This then hangs ....

I try to google the above with no results. I know of=20
no sftp client that uses a non - standard port like this...

The address above does not look like ssh/sftp but=20

Does anyone familiar with this ? SSH/sftp ?
to a web site ? Can I communicate wuth openssh ?