Hello group,

I have successfully built and installed openssh-4.5p1 on Solaris 8.

I have successfully ran sshd as a non root user on port 5678 and
connected via putty windows client.

BUT, since I am not running it as root, I want to log everything to log
to a simple flat file owned by the non root user.

I have tried everything under the sun and have not been successfully in
getting anything written to a log file.
My unsuccessful attempts include...

/dir/network/openssh/openssh-4.5p1/sbin/sshd -e >
/dir/network/openssh/openssh-4.5p1/sshd.log 2>&1 &

/dir/network/openssh/openssh-4.5p1/sbin/sshd -e

/dir/network/openssh/openssh-4.5p1/sbin/sshd -e 2>&1 | tee
logfile &

/dir/network/openssh/openssh-4.5p1/sbin/sshd -e 2>&1

Also, the only things I have changed in my sshd_config file are...

Port 5678

UsePrivilegeSeparation no

Surely there must be a simple way for a nonroot user running sshd to log
to a simple flat, right?

Thanks much, I appreciate your help