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Patrick Morris escreveu:
>> I would like to write a program that could deycrypt ssh=20
>> communication by using the private key of the server=20
>> computer. This should be possable right? And I should be able=20
>> to use libraries the openssh has already writen. In fact the=20
>> majority of the code should already be writen right? I should=20
>> just need to send a packet with the private key to a function right?

> You'd also need the user's private key.

Not to mention the fact that the keys are not generated on server
neither on the client. A part is generated on the server and other on
the client. None of them has the full key at any time. Also, the keys
are re-negotiated every hour (as far as i remember). You will only be
able to impersonate the server to think that you are the client, not
getting clear text of an already established session.

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