=0A=0AHi,=0A=0AI'm running OpenSSH 4.4 on OpenBSD 3.9-stable and I'm trying=
to configure ssh access to my machine. I'd like to implement a relatively =
simple access policy, in my opinion, using the AllowUsers, AllowGroups, Den=
yUsers, and DenyGroups keywords, but I haven't managed.=0A=0A=0AThe policy =
I'm trying to implement is that access should be allowed for users in the g=
roup ssh, for users in the group lanssh if they are connecting from my netw=
ork, and for nobody else. Is this even possible?=0A=0A=0AThe configuration =
most likely to succeed that I've tried so far is=0A=0AAllowGroups ssh lanss=
h@192.168.0.*=0A=0Abut the latter identifier is just ignored.=0A=0A=0AI wou=
ld even settle for writing the individual usernames that are allowed lanssh=
access in sshd_config, but I've been unable to do that too. For instance, =
for a privileged user lanuser in group lanssh, the following=0A=0ADenyUsers=
lanuser@!192.168.0.*=0AAllowGroups ssh lanssh=0A=0Adoesn't prevent lanuser=
from logging in from other hosts.=0A=0A=0AAny help would be greatly apprec=