>or whatever... You can do this by adding such a line to your .xinitrc
>(for startx) or .xsession (for sessions started from xdm/gdm/kdm
>etc.). One of these needs to be executable (i.e. a shell script), but
>I can never remember which one (I think it's .xsession). Make sure it
>is executable using chmod.

I stand corrected on all points but had a question about this method.
Say I am on Laptop A and ssh into my desktop at home which has all the
keya and such on it. Using the .xinitrc isn't going to do me much good
(less we get into X forwarding)..but if i have the ssh-agent/add in my
..bashrc then as soon as I login via my SSH to my desktop it would
automatically start my sessions. Should also work for all terminals I
open inside X as well, right?

Wouldn't that be a better solution than requiring the start of an X
Server for all term's to see the env variables?

Just curious.. I'm sure either way works but just curious as to why the
preference to .xinitrc.

Thanks for correcting me,