Justin Alcorn wrote:

> I could be wrong, but I beleve ForwardAgent just ALLOWS agent forwarding.

I believe that it enables it, and setting it in the ssh_config is the
equivalent of -A. I have tried it both ways and the machine persists in
asking for a password. The password request comes so quickly that I
suspect it does not have time to go to the other server, and the
connection is being intercepted by PAM, though I have not been able to
find anyone else having such a problem (who knows if anyone else even
uses FC5 this way).

I am presently pursuing this line of inquiry for openssh, researching
PAM, and trying futilely to recompile ssh-3.2.9-1 for FC5 64-bit. One of
them will return a solution eventually.

Thanks for your help

Jason Powers

> You stil need to ssh -A user@server1
> Usage: ssh [options] host [command]
> Options:
> -l user Log in using this user name.
> -n Redirect input from /dev/null.
> -F config Config file (default: ~/.ssh/config).
> -A Enable authentication agent forwarding.
> -a Disable authentication agent forwarding (default).