I understand what scp does, but the issue here is that our ftp proxy is
completely custom. It authenticates the user against an oracle database,
and performs TCP/IP communications with another process to determine the
location of a virtual directory to place and retrieve files for the user
logging in. So, I can't just use SCP without our ftp proxy. That is why I
was looking for a way to have the sshd process interact with our ftp proxy.

As for sftp, I agree that it would be a better fit, but we are locked into
using an scp client because of a customer requirement.

Thanks to all of those who have responded to my question. It looks like the
consensus so far is that it is not a good idea to attempt this.

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If you need to download/upload files,I think you can do that just with
scp, you can remove ftp and use just scp, rhe problem is that no much
people is familiarized with scp ( I don't know why!! Is a very common
tool), Otherwise, why don't you chech the new feature in Openssh sftp,
it is included in the new version.


Jack Curtin wrote:
> [Reposting in plain text as requested, sorry about that.]
> Hi,
> We have an application that allows users to login and submit/receive files
> through a custom FTP proxy server. We support most FTP clients. We now
> need to be able to support an SCP client (such as WinSCP). I thought it
> might be possible to use OpenSSH's sshd as an SSH wrapper for my FTP proxy
> server. What I want to do is perform an ftp connect at session start, an
> ftp login for password authentication, and then an ftp put or get for
> sending or receiving files.
> Questions:
> Is this a bad idea? Is there a more straightforward way to accomplish

> I'm working my way through the code, but could you provide some guidance

> the locations where I would need to add in my FTP logic as described

> Thanks in advance for any help.
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