> We have an application that allows users to login and
> submit/receive files through a custom FTP proxy server. We
> support most FTP clients. We now need to be able to support
> an SCP client (such as WinSCP). I thought it might be
> possible to use OpenSSH's sshd as an SSH wrapper for my FTP
> proxy server. What I want to do is perform an ftp connect at
> session start, an ftp login for password authentication, and
> then an ftp put or get for sending or receiving files.
> Questions:
> Is this a bad idea? Is there a more straightforward way to
> accomplish this?
> I'm working my way through the code, but could you provide
> some guidance on the locations where I would need to add in
> my FTP logic as described above?

What you're trying to do could be an extremely tricky proposition, because
of the multiple ports involved in an FTP connection. SCP and FTP are also
two completely different protocols, and I'm guessing it's highly unlikely
it'll be an easy matter to make an FTP proxy support it.

You may have more luck with SFTP or FTP over SSL.