> I know I have a listing somewhere that shows what the permissions should be
> on the files in $HOME/.ssh , but cant find it for the life of me.
> Can someone PLEASE point me at such a document, or just show what the
> permissions should be.
> --

Well, I was hoping for a simple 'ls' of the directory showing permissions,
and none of these references (most of which I have already looked at) do

My actual problem is a pair of machines where with the same /etc/ssh and .ssh files
I can do a dsa login from fc2 -> fc4 just fine, but when I upgrade the fc2 machine
to fc5, it then fails (fc5 -> fc4). The files are the same, I was hoping that there was
some permission problem that -d -d -d is not telling me about as I cant think of
anything else to try...