Reg Clemens wrote:
> I know I have a listing somewhere that shows what the permissions should be
> on the files in $HOME/.ssh , but cant find it for the life of me.
> Can someone PLEASE point me at such a document, or just show what the
> permissions should be.

Assuming you mean OpenSSH (you didn't specify), the latest version of
the sshd(8) man page has some more detail on this:

If this file, the ~/.ssh directory, or the user's home directory
are writable by other users, then the file could be modified or
replaced by unauthorized users. In this case, sshd will not al-
low it to be used unless the StrictModes option has been set to
``no''. The recommended permissions can be set by executing
``chmod go-w ~/ ~/.ssh ~/.ssh/authorized_keys''.
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